Drawing kids’ attention

V&A Japan_Nina Cosford

Illustrator Nina Cosford works for a range of clients, from publishers and media providers to bookshops and magazines; plus she makes movies, graphic novels and children’s books. But she has a special passion for museums, kick-started by her “Museum for Kids” projects.

Museum of London_Nina CosfordMuseum of London spread_Nina Cosford

This series of posters and booklets encourages children to look, discover, write and draw, at Leighton House Museum, the Museum of London and in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Japanese galleries. Nina explains the project’s aim; “to explore and expand the personal and interactive experiences that both children and adults can gain from visiting these amazing places”.

Leighton House Museum_Nina CosfordLeighton House Museum spread_Nina Cosford

Engaging children in a museum environment – which can be a bit daunting for youngsters (think loud, big, unfamiliar) – demands a super-friendly aesthetic, but without compromising legibility or the educational message. Nina’s bold mark-marking and bright palette provide the inspiration, the museum objects act as content, and the kids add their imaginations.

Foundling Museum cover_Nina Cosford

Founding Museum 3D Front_Nina CosfordFounding Museum folded 2_Nina Cosford

Over the last few years Nina has worked with The Foundling Museum in London to create colourful and playful workbooks for young visitors. And she continues to develop her museum expertise, combining design and illustration with visitor-focused projects, by participating in workshops, creating activity guides and trails (to navigate families around the museum), and designing a new merchandise range. Meanwhile, she’s working on a re-brand of the museum’s identity. Keep checking in with Nina’s website and blog, Tiny Plastic Horse, for news of new projects.